Monday, May 2, 2011

OH! more blogger babies!

after much pestering,   
I've finally convinced my soul sister - Cassy to go back to blogging! 

visit her blog :

she stopped a few months back due to crazy stalkers. 
useless irritants who have nothing better to do but cause havoc for others.

but off to happier news - i've always loved reading what others blog about
and lucky for me, 
i've always -heart- the way she speaks her mind. 
she's the total opposite of me!
straight to the point,and no sugar coating. 
not only a fab blogger, she's an awesome friend. 

***get to know her thru her blog, peeps.

my fav post from her blog : Kids Then vs. Kids Now!

my fav newbie blogger : Kohei 
check out :
 definitely not the typical blogger but, even after a few posts, 
you just KNOW that it's gonna be a hit!
 i fell in love with his blog name!
Bet u're saying : whaaaa...? 
Here's his explaination : 
" [Question + Filler = Quiller] Answers to a Satisfactory Level. Questions that float in our head needs answering. This blog is to answer those gaps in-between."

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