Absolut Vodka & Borneo Ink @ the BED, Waterfront

i've always loved tattoos,
but due to many  reasons, i've not been able to get one. Yet.
No, i'm not afraid of the needle or the pain. :/

I was so excited to meet BorneoInk's tattoo artist 
Eddie David
who is a Dayak from Sarawak. 
Now based in Sri Hartamas, he is well known
for being very open, straightforward and hilarious. 

In  the press conference,
he didnt have an ounce of arrogance 
which made it SO easy asking him questions.

What i liked was his obvious love of traditional tattoos 
and basically casting aside the negative views of 
" people with tattoos are criminals" .
(pssst! heard that momma?) 

Eddie David and Kiki Loo ( brand executive of Pernod Ricard Malaysia)

Eddie and the beautiful Mandy Nandu

Cheryl, myself, Eddie David and Sherrie

DJ Eva T showing us female DJ's can do just as well or even better ;p

the amazingly lucky Alfred winning a bottle of Vodka!
i'm still itching for a tattoo. 
i've already picked out one since i was 16! 
it's a very fierce looking pegasus that emerges from a plume of smoke, 
and i want it at the back of my left shoulder.