Monday, September 26, 2011

Hennessy Artistry Kota Kinabalu - "Global Art of Mixing" Party @ Whiteroom, Sabah

Char! How was the party la?!

 I usually will go into all the details and just drown you guys in words, 
but for some funny reason - i can only come up with this 
simple, straightforward and exact answer to that question. 

It was amazing.

The Hennessy - Artistry 
"Global Art of Mixing" party 
at Whiteroom, Times Square Sabah
on the 24th of September 2011
was a mind-blowing success as hundreds of clubbers
partied till the wee hours of the morning.

I'm like a lil kid in a candy store now,
i don't know where to start! 
Have so much to tell you guys! Haha! 

I decided to dress really simple and comfortable.
Heck, i was thinking to myself while dressing up
"This party had better be great..."

Yea yea, i'm slightly pessismistic
but i'd like to think i'm realistic. pffft~!

With free flow of Hennessy's 4 really yummy flavors,
 no doubt everyone was all-smiles from the very beginning!

mini bar just for us to try the new flavors!
my favourite flavor - Hennessy Ginger!
For those who love making their own music,
this state of the art music-sync table
allows you to do that by simply playing around these lil glass tokens!

music sync table

What is a party without a few friends 
from our local blogosphere? 
in white shirt is Hayden, off-shoulder black jumpsuit is Chloe,
in a classic black V-neck dress is MeiTzeu, on the right most is Sherrie,
and at the back, in blue is Tom

just minutes into the party, ViP lounge looking down unto the stage

Our very own Malaysian superstar
getting the party started!

Reshmonu's Facebook page

a view from the ViP lounge upstairs

As usual, he's able fuse a lil Malaysian vibe into any song.
He really is talented, did a great job
getting everyone pumped for an amazing night!


He was extremely friendly, 
down to earth and approachable. 

i'm feeling so lucky! it's Reshmonu!
for a short video featuring Reshmonu, click the link below:
Hennessy artistry 2011 - Reshmonu

nearly fooled us with her sweet looks,
showing us her awesome precision on the turntables
and ability to make every single person in the club move to her mixes.

the prettiest DJ in the world
for a short video featuring DJ Roxy, click the link below:
Hennessy Artistry 2011 - DJ Roxy


For the rest of the night,
the lime light shone on
DJ Reeve
who electrified and kept the party on a constant high.

spin master at work
to see more of  what he can do, here's a short video: 

needless to say, we all had fun
of epic proportion!

happy party people!
a quick snapshot!
killing it on the dancefloor!
DJ Reeve  is so red! >,<

Cyrus, myself and the forever smiling  DJ Cassie from

Many thanks to Hennessy Artistry, Whiteroom,
and the peeps of Sabahan Bloggers ( Dino & Chloe) for the invites! 
You guys are superstars, you know that right?  :) 

And those of you that were there 
at the party with me,
irregardless if you're an old friend, 
or a brand new one....
you made it so much memorable.

thank you and lotsa luv,


Cyril Dason said...

DJ Roxy June is indeed easy on the eyes =P

Glad to see you had an amazing time, and hey, you met Tom!! Wonderful lad..

Daniel Chiam said...

No pictureS of Roxy June in person? Haha oh man I'm so wish I'm there!!!

curious.charlottefong said...

@ Cyril : She was amazing la :D Tom? i came with him :) he's a killer on the dancefloor! haha!

@ Daniel : i couldn't find her right after her performance T,T but yeah la! i thought u'd be there!

Daniel Chiam said...

OMG I think I fell in love with her! I even made a post specially for her.

Haha gila bayang XD I'm in KL -_- I even missed out Taio Cruz and Ms. Nina.

Haiz weekend didnt turn out like I want it to be.

cutebun said...

We did party hard! Hope to party again! =D

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