A Shopaholics Bazaar by The Pretty.Wild.Divas

"..it was a RUNAWAY success!" 

and i have to thank each and everyone of you 
who believed in us and gave us support! 
you guys don't know how much it means to me! 

on behalf of the Pretty.Wild.Diva team, 
we'd like to say a huge
we LOVE you 
and the biggest virtual hug goes out to all of u! 
you can get a real hug if u want, just ask us ;) we're a bunch of huggers. 

it made all the late nights slaving over documents, phone calls, and MANUAL labor all worth it!

and to all our sponsors, 
we are eternally grateful. 

without you, this bazaar would have never been 
able to take off or be such a success. 
Thank you once again!
OH! the fun of meeting all the other shopaholics! 
I truly feel blessed to be able to know you guys more!
Those of you who came back again on the second and third day, 
you guys make me wanna tear up.

thanks for the support and the help :)  

Winners of our mini games! SaSa vouchers!

Haaaappy Vendors!

for those who love prettifying your handphones!

 Shopaholics playing games to win SaSa & Imperial Hotel Vouchers!

there was no short supply of shoes! omg so cheap! gah!

DJ Cassie and her mum loves Boutique Cupcakes!
fresh out from high school, straight to Suria's Shopaholic Bazaar!

no one could resist Boutique Cupcake!
shopaholics on a mission! DRESSES!
an item that was sold out in a matter or hours. CONTACT LENS!
almost everything was on sale on the last few hours!
show your love for all things furry!

free cupcakes from Boutique Cupcakes for 3 days!

too cute!

ang moh also cant say no.

feel free to be absolutely naughty ;)

a family of vendors! teehee! so happeh!

our huge banner -grins-

cant help but want a polaroid pic too!

grand prize winner with goodies from all our sponsors!

info packed table for advertisers

Hong Leong Bank took up the whole corner :)

signs from heaven. SALES!

Gary, being the absolute sporting plank-er.

! i wanna personally thank those who signed up to help and assist our local SPCA! 
you guys are such superstars! 
the SPCA team with their hearts of gold! *respect*
 with happy grins on our faces as we cleared up 
and acknowledged that the first ever Shopaholics Bazaar has come to an end.
i'm pretty confident we all had fun shopping with our best friends, 
taking pictures, eating cupcakes and signing up with SPCA or WWF-Malaysia.
till the next bazaar,
i hope to see you all again Shopaholics! 


Daniel Chiam said…
WOw wow... soooo happening! Haha I really respect for events organizer. its not easy i know and you guy have done a great job in making people want to come for he bazaar not only 1 time but keep coming back!

Haha all the best! and have a blessed weekend!
hey so far u guyz is the best organizer...looking forward to join u again!!
awwww <3 thanks Nurul! it was a great experience for all of us!

Thanks Daniel, ur gonna make me tear up! :')
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