this took less than 2 minutes! :O

okay, so i'm in a really good mood 
cuz two of my students have finally completed 
and excelled their English course and exams! 

So, that gives me an extra free day which is on Tuesday! 
Things are finally turning out for the better! 
I'm not saying i'm totally out of the woods just yet 
but, i'm being optimistic :) 

anyway, quite a number of people 
have been adding me on my private facebook account 
and being myself, 
i'd like to keep a fair amount of things private 
between me, family and besties. 

i still love you guys <3
for taking the time to search and add me 
on Facebook, Twitter or Foursquare! 

just add me here, 
it's brand new!
so, i'm going to pile on the juicy updates 
and pictures really soon!

OH! i have great news! 
Cant wait to share with you guys soon! 

so for the mean time, 
click 'Like' to stay in touch,
share photos, ask questions or simple say hello! 
thanks peeps! 

Sorry if i'm slightly technologically challenged >,<


Daniel Chiam said…
Haha the good and bad of technology... just be careful of the information that you shared with the public...

Btw, I 'like' already, haha :D
thaaaaank u Daniel! <3 yeah! i got this two weird guys following me. and i got posted up on a 'fap' material forum :'(