Ah Yen : Rest in Peace, my friend.

This year has been filled with many first-time experiences for me. 

how on earth does a dump-waiter(food lift) lose control to the point of killing ur worker!?

A friend of mine and of so many, 
who is widely known as Ah Yen 
died tragically at her workplace 
last Sunday by a dump-waiter (food lift).

Its just this particular first time experience that makes me
feel absolute sadness, some regret and slightly anger.

Absolute Sadness
Why would God take her cruelly away from people whom she loved 
and who we love deeply?

a good daughter and friend indeed.

She was 2 years younger than myself, 
just beginning to live life, just found a loving partner,
and dutifully supporting her family financially. 

read more about her here : [Click Here]

To all her friends, 
she was the one who made us happy 
and takes the time to accompany you when you feel lonely, happy, or sad. 

As i rushed from the Rock Climbing Center to the hospital
after receiving the news on Sunday evening,
all i could do was stop myself from panicking and when i finally made it...
only faces filled with tears,grief, shock and agony at the doorway.

She's passed away minutes before i could make it to the hospital. 
I'm not sure you guys know how a failure i felt at that moment. 
how i should have driven faster, run faster, 
not care about trafficlights or rules.
i could have made it just a few minutes earlier 
to tell her that she should fight on and not leave all of us. 

but no, she left cuz God called her home.
i'm not angry at God.
i never would but, it would be nice if He gave us a sign or something
so we could have spent more time with her.

the last time i had a meal with her.

Rest in Peace, Yen. 
Do not worry about a thing. 
You can finally see your mom once again. :)
She would be so happily proud of you and all of your achievements.
i'm sorry if i ever hurt you.
i pray that you are happy now, that you never need to suffer again.
as friends, i'm so proud to have known u.
Be happy up there and enjoy life with God.
you're finally home.

While i knew life is short, 
i had a few opportunities to have drinks with Ah Yen
yet i stupidly passed it off. 

Always thinking or coming up with excuses like,
"There is another time for that" 
"Next time la."
"When I'm not so busy next month"

Well, guess what? 
There will be no next time.
I'm so sorry, kawan. 

I learnt my lesson now , i can only pray really hard that i will meet you soon one day
with all of our friends and we'll be laughing together again.

the tears will soon be over, you have showed us that life is truly fragile.
we should cherish one another, forgive and forget bygones.
a friend like you is hard to find but you made it so easy to keep u in our hearts forever.

Slight Angry
I know this might be slightly at the wrong time to feel angry
but i have my reasons.

it says "a famous restaurant"only. what rubbish reporting!

KK is definitely a small town 
but that does not mean that reporters can be paid to not publish the whole story
and withhold the name of the restaurant which caused Ah Yen's fatal end.

NONE OF THE NEWSPAPER would tell us which restaurant.

No one wants an accident. 
but who are you to hide the truth from the public?
Does the public not have the right to know which restaurant 
did not adhere or practice safety in their daily operations?


Daniel Chiam said…
Oh my... a tragic lost :(

Rest in peace Yen.
Rungitom said…
Seems the restaurant paid the reporters so much. Practice safety at work, dear restaurant, or you will end up with a bigger mess in which you can't cover anymore.

God bless Ah Yen soul...
She's in a better place now and she's very happy to see this post. =)

Be strong babe! U got us! I <3 u! U know u <3 me too! Muahahah!