Chivas Regal - Aged 18 Years by Christian Lacroix

A particularly popular choice of liquor for most clubbers in Kota Kinabalu -
 Chivas Regal
recently premiered its exclusive Chivas 18 Year Old 
decorated by fashion designer Christian Lacroix. 

With an exclusive party held at the BED, Waterfront
to commemorate its exclusive partnership with the iconic fashion designer, 
fellow bloggers Rungitom, Beverly and I were invited! 

Imagine the mad excitement we felt opening up the invitation! Teehee!

embossed logo on the envelope!

Cyrus gave up on his reading to take some pics of the card too!

taking off the ribbon!

teeth chattering in absolute excitement...

pretty but i was expecting something more. but o wells :) WE'RE INVITED!

The entrance to the party at the BED, Waterfront! 
Looks A-MAY-Zing!

 So, this is how it goes... 
Chivas Regal invited six prominent Malaysian designers 
to create their own signature collections 
inspired by Chivas Regal and Christian Lacroix 
that will be showcased during the party.

Beatrice Looi, Ian Chang, Joe Chia, Jovian Mandagie, 
Lee Khoon Hooi and Michael Ong 
– each showed off a haute couture collection 
featuring three distinct pieces along with a signature bottle sleeve 
during the launch of Chivas Regal 18 year old limited edition.

The fashion show was based on the Chivas Regal's 
brand heritage, colours, materials and texture 
and paraded by 18 local models,
and 7 inspired fashionably unique bottle sleeve designs 
were also displayed during the event.

i think this is bloody cute!

very gaga-ish.

The host of the night? KK 's very own DJ Cassie!
was definitely looking fab in a fiery red bodycon mini dress! 

weird how SWEET looking models were there. no party girl vibe :/

I was really excited about the fashion show until...
"Is it just me or i feel these looks are really odd!?" 

Now, this just makes me feel like i'm not a girl cuz
I particularly didnt like this fashion show at all. 

BUT! one girl's trash could be another girl's treasure?
I'm definitely hoping its just my taste in simplicity and classics.
Haute Couture might not be my thing :)

I definitely have to thank those who were there with me, 
thoroughly enjoyed the night with good friends and Chivas Regal drinks! 

Cyrus and I with our funny faces

Y U NO -?! inspired
bumped into some friends - good times! 

Many thanks to
and Rungitom for the amazing time and opportunity! 

It was definitely something different and another wonderful memory made.

Cheers, people! 


shi zhan said…
レイバン wayfarerが友達の間で、かなり流行っている。特に、レイバン RB2140、同じヤツしかも同じ色、4人も持っている。あたしもRay Ban サングラスが好きだが、友達とは被りたくないので、RB4105にした。モンクレール ジャケット
Good, Really nice show loved all the dress and your funny face too lol... :):D

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