The Lion King in 3D - Remembering my younger days.

There is something just so magical 
about Disney cartoon movies back in the 90's.
All you late 1980+ babies would definitely agree with me.

I mean, 
seriously, cartoons like CARS and the Smurfs.
Pfft! Utter rubbish. i cant help but
feel i wasted my time and money watching it. 
Sorry if this is offensive, just my opinion.
Deal with it.

I dont feel the same emotional depth or relativity as the classics,
such as Disney's The Lion King, Pocahontas, Beauty & the Beast...etc

Just goes to show that,
movies now are just all down to marketing and manipulation.

While this movie definitely did not need 3D,
Disney was definitely trying to use a small amount of
manipulative exploitation to bring paying parents back with their kids
merely because of the 3D-technology craze.

I definitely teared up  when Mufasa died.
Gawd... the movie made me miss the good old days 
of being sucha kid about wanting to be Nala! 
hahaha! So embarrassing!

If you've not watched The Lion King before,
you'll definitely love it.

If you've watched it as a kid,
What are you waiting for?

Take a walk down memory lane.


Daniel Chiam said…
The most epic among all Disney cartoon for me. Yeah that Mufasa scene... omigosh... I teared... dang...

yeah nowadays you dont really have cartoon that have substance anymore... sad.. really sad... its only about the graphic, 3D and whats not...

Oh wait... wall e is not bad :D