Borneo Street Dance Competition 2011 : Interviewed!

Want to get to know the participants of the Borneo Street Dance Competition a lil bit more? 

Check out what these talented yet friendly dancers have to say when I got the chance to meet them yesterday in the Tang Dynasty Hotel! 

Hype Daft- Ignition
Consisting of  Steve, Kamal, Luke, Mckenzie, Fred and Merald. These guys are inspired by Michael Jackson, and the Jabbawokees. "My mum inspires me as well as she is a dancer too." quips Steve who is the group leader. They started off as the Silent Motion crew, which was quite successful in the recent Showdown competition in KL. "Well, we want the experience and the chance to inspire others dancers. On top of that to send across the message that street dancing is peaceful, profitable and beneficial in so many levels." 

Borneo Crew
With a passionate love for all kinds of dance, KJ is the founder of this locally well known dance crew. This amazing crew started in Labuan,2008 and ever since then, it has continued to impress and inspire many people. "I'm very confident in my crew, we've endured hardships and gain a lot of experience in Korea & Singapore with the big names of street dance." With a tagline - much love and respect, this crew has been performing for huge events by DiGi and Sony as well as joining 8tv's Showdown for two consecutive years. This is definitely the team to watch! 

Holla KK
Inspired by the Borneo Crew, this group of 3 girls and 1 lucky guy have been training for nearly four weeks at night. Armed with loads of confidence and the cutest of names, Twinkle, Mimi, Dingwall, and Anne are ready to prove that girl power still exist (of course, with the help of Dingwall who is the only guy). "We're like family and when we train, it's always fun. Sometimes we even train until 1am." 

Psycho Soul Trixx Gang  
A very interesting collaboration between SM Teknik and SM All Saints, they decided to send 6 of their best dancers in hopes to win this competition. Don't look down on this crew, these guys have won 3rd place in the UMS Battle of the Dances with only one day of training! "We definitely are aiming for the finals in Labuan, I'm confident with this team!"  And when asked how long have they been preparing for this competition, with the cheekiest grin  "One week!" 

LSDC 2.0
6 La Salle b-boys who are currently all in Form 4 have shown amazing talent by going all out and were crowned champions of the 2011 Bakat Interact and also the UMS Battle of the Dances! I was totally blown away! These extremely humble individuals are inspired by their senior -  Fareed who is also training them! "We started this crew earlier this year after being friends for so long and knowing we all love dancing.". Marcellus, Redzuan, Taufiq, Fairul, Ahmad Shahfiq and Shahril are the most cheerful bunch I met that afternoon! 

I'm extremely excited. I know I've said this a few times before but check out my previous post for the general information this event [CLICK HERE]

See you guys there! 


大恒 said…
I m so proud, when i saw 1 of the teams is my junior, lasallian...huhu..any video of them???
good luck my junior
i do have some videos! once i've uploaded them, i'll email you the youtube link!
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