Friday, September 10, 2010

end of the road?

its almost like clockwork now.

wakeup. smile to see text messages. wait for morning call. wash up and get changed. work. brunch wif boyfriend. watch movie. shisha/dinner with boyfriend. chill at his place. go out with close bunch of friends till midnight. hang out a lil while more at his place. sleep. repeat process. 

that's the life of a grape planter, peeps.

but i hold his hand more often now. sometimes i try to hold on more tightly. or even walk abit closer. when i do dare to, i'd hug him or kiss him. i'd stare at his face a bit longer than normal. talk to him abit more about things between us. there's just so lil time left till he leaves. i hate it. i really do hate due dates. in fact, i hate expiry dates.

if i cud, i'd pack him in a pokeball. 
and no, i dun watch pokemon but i hv cousins who love 'em.

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