over and done with-!

I've had enough of feeling like the bad person!
So what if i was the one who ended the relationship?
Does that really make me the villain now?!

Answer these questions below
  1. Would you still be with someone you no longer trust?
  2. Shouldn't we be honest about our feelings in a relationship?
  3. Must a GF report on her whereabouts, who she's yumcha-ing with, what she doing daily?
  4. Can you seriously tahan sumone calling u daily three/four times, multiples texts, countless facebook inbox messages, doodles love n kisses on ur Facebook wall all in one day? 

i can keep going with all these questions but like i've said before, i've had enough. :)  i'll just keep it as short and simple as i possibly can, then i'm going to never speak of this ever again. So here goes, take a deeeep breath peeps!

  • i broke up with him via a phonecall on a beautiful balcony of a Marina Court penthouse (*much thanks to Chung). i no longer had the same feelings that i had before. Before anyone thinks that i was just playing around, i'm just going to say it riiiiiight here : " Hell no." 
  • Mostly because of my own beliefs, i wanna be with someone who shares the same principles as i do. I believe dating is a very serious matter and sex is only after marriage. It broke my heart when i found out he didn't share the same views on the matter. 
  • i tried overlooking it, to forget it and focus on his other qualities. It worked for a while until i found out he had been lying to me on a certain matter for nearly two weeks. I'd try pointing it out many times, but if he still thinks i'm falling for it then forget it. My respect flew out of the window in a nanosecond. 
  • And trying to control is not going to work, hun! You don't have to be my best friend to figure  out that i hate being controlled! I can't stand having to pick up the phone to tell my whereabouts, then continue to answer the same old questions "where are u? what you doing there? who is there? when you going home?" 
  • i think i'm the only girl in the world that kinda hates the cute name calling like " baby, bb, b" or the overusage of "i love u". EVERY SMS,CALL,MESSAGE is filled with this! There should be a limit! I dun feel like its special anymore... 
Okay. i've had enough and i'm stopping right here.
the END.

i can bet you guys feel like you're studying for a pop quiz 
if you've read this whole post. LOL~ 
 pat urself on the back, peeps!
I truly applaud and appreciate you! <3
tell me if what you think, or if you've been thru the same as i did.