Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Quick update of My October!

its already mid November! 
*insert haaappy grin here*
wanna know what i've been up to?

flying kites with friends at the Kinabalu Yacht Club beach!

being a witness and cameraman for my awesome 'gor gor (means big brother)' 's wedding registration!

attended a HUGE charity dinner to help a rural area in Pitas to build their school!

the time where both guys n gurls have fun wif makeup!

drove to Tuaran for the ORIGINAL TUARAN MEEE!
the food monster in me was satisfied!

joined daddy to the 3rd beach at Tanjung Aru to take sunset pictures! <3

 failed attempt to go Kundasang one afternoon. Panda's car tyre exploded :'(
dun u love guys that dun mind sweating it out?

omg i effing luv the local's coconut pudding!

i cudn't find Nemo at Pulau Manukan :'(
i kinda proved that i can be blardy lazy to say it in words of all the things i've been up to... i mean, seriously people, i'm one of the most technologically-challenged young adult you'll everrrr meet! apparently i have an awesome phone which enables me to go online to tweet, facebook stalking, online shop but i just dunno how. ;p and no, it's not an iPhone. 


大恒 said...

reading this post, make me home sick...
i miss sunset and beaches, one of my favorite food-tuaran mee, the coconut pudding..
and the 1 i miss most is u all.....

by the way, i dont think gt nemo in manukan...

Elliott said...

What is Tuaran Mee???!?!? It looks delicious, must have.

Leo Hwong said...

let see tuaran mee is like the holy grail of the noodles. no shiiet perfect combo of noodles vegies and some bbq pork stir fry the way tat its not too dry and not too wet. just right,thinking abt it now makes me dro0olzz

Elliott said...

Thanks, that helps. When I did a little searching, turns out I have a Malaysian restaurant here in my town, they have mee on the menu with shrimp and pork. I can hope it's close, might be dinner tomorrow.

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