No-Sleep-for-48hours [not recommended]

what happens when you just know that once you go to bed
and wont be able to wake up in time later in the morning to do sumthing really important?

i guess the most simple and i think the best way to deal with this is to enter the 

and you might be wondering why 48 hours and not 24 hours? 
well, the night bfore this challenge, we were out all night and dawn. when i got home, my parents were just about to get up. so i didn't wanna be labelled 'the bad girl' so i stayed up and prepared breakfast. thus not getting any sleep. ;p epic! 

Alvin had to send a cousin to the airport at 5.30am 
while i had to meet a client at 6.30am.
both of us have a history of being late or not being to wake up early at all. 
so the best way to make sure we'll get things done?
don't sleep. stay awake till all work has been done then only sleep.

in my efforts to stay awake, I.....
  • randomly victimized poor souls on my MSN and Skype. 
  • i drank 3 mugs of HOTTTT coffee.
  • drove up to Signal Hill to check out the view of the city.
  • bought my fav Female mag and newspaper.
  • sat in car at my destination reading and singing to stay awake. 
  • by 6.30am, i felt a baaad headache coming. 
  • guess wat!? i fell asleep in the car in front of St.James primary school! =.= 
  • drank Livita for the first time!
  • watched the latest Harry Potter movie half asleep.
  • Roy fed me his own mix of Cranberry Juice with Rum, Vodka, Red Wine, and lots of Lemon/Lime juice! twas simply awesome... got me into gud mood actually. :D  
  • got scared by a high school junior that knows me but i dunno her at the cinema! T,T 
  • nearly fell down an escalator at Suria Sabah.
 i now SWEAR BY Livita! i was bloody awake and hyper! i couldn't stop talking or giggling! why didnt i drink this for high school and college?! wtf... i recommend this drink if u reli need to stay awake and energetic for at least 5 hours! thats like, additional 2 chapters to study ahead of ur frens! rawk on!!!!

oh and collapsed on my bed... dead tired. my mom was so surprised that i actually went to bed at 9pm sharp. she cudnt stop questioning my lil sister. XD


Leo Hwong said…
we shall do dat soon!!!!
大恒 said…
hahaah..nearly fell down in suria sabah...haha...

char...every day i just sleep less than 4 hours..haha