crazy Sabahan habit! YIMCHA!

there is one word
in KK would use almost everyday. 
 no... it's not a bad word. 

even if you don't say it,
imma bet you'll hear it from your friends/lecturers//boss/pilak /toilet cleaner
or even your parents or grandparents! O,O

imma bet you'll see that word 
in your dreams/sms/facebook chatbox/msn/pingchat/bbm! 
or when ur passing notes in tuition ;p

'yimcha, yumcha, limteh, hercha, minum teh, drink tea" 
if you're a Sabahan, you know this happens almost everyday. 
it's as often as going to the toilet to shit. lol.

but before going into the yimcha craze here in KK, this girl has gotta eat!
i decided to have dinner somewhere i've never tried out before,
ended up at Chat Room cafe in Damai with my sister Joyce and bestie Alvin.
picture credits to the guys at
in my opinion, the best and most famous KK foodblog!
I love the artworks on the walls, the service was good,
the pricing is slightly above average and the food tasted really yummy.
try their bruschettas! friggin ate two plates/ten pieces!

 the portion is HUGE btw! 
great for those who have a really healthy appetite.
& not for those who wanna diet.

okay, back to the yimcha craze.... 
 so, there i was with two of my good friends at Frenz Cafe, Lintas at 11pm. 
picture credits to lysiew -
she's got a really interesting blog of life in Sabah as well!

you will seriously bump into friends here. 

the first 10 minutes of entering that cafe is spent saying
'EH! how're you? where have you been?!'
exchange numbers with the hottie ur frens are with.
then only,  finally finding a place to sit and order.
had a good cup of bubble tea, and the shisha there has improved drastically.
it doesn't choke you anymore but too bad, the flavor doesn't last as long as other shisha outlets. 

i kinda got tired of the terlalu-famous-but-dunno-why YoYo milky tea cafe, 
and the almost identical but cheaper alternative - Easyway cafes. :/ 

if you're from Kota Kinabalu, 
you're definitely going around Damai and Lintas very often 
for the must-do activity everyday = yimcha with friends.

wait.....doesn't that make us sound like old people gossiping in old kopitiams?! 


lysiew said…
it's okay to use my frenz cafe pictures. ^^
ya, sabah really very "fashion" in drinking milky bubble tea
i come from semenanjung, actually previously semenanjung also quite "fashion" in yumcha thingy one. haha.
hahaha! thanks so much! :D
keep up the good work! i enjoyed ur blog! <3