Job Offers : to be greedy or not?

hey peeps! :) sorry for the lack of updates.
On top of my existing day job, i've been offered a new job that i CANNOT refuse!
It's an evening tutoring job with an established institution! And the pay is oh-so-good! 
Imagine working only four days a week, for only an hour and a half each day, 
and get a paycheck that is just... jaw-dropping! 
*insert ecstatic smile here*
more than most part-timers or some full time jobs are paying! haha!

alot of my friends have been telling me since i've been getting busier, and more busier.
"Don't you get tired? you need more sleep! take care k? " 
thank u wonderful people!

but i love being busy and gawd, 
who said money ain't easy to earn?
that is if, you're not afraid of hard work.

AND! my dream job is knocking at my front door!
*screams in effing excitement!*
all i have to do is call back to say yes.... or no.

the only problem is...
if i already have a full time day job and a part time evening job, 
how d hell am i gonna take up my dreamjob!? FML
the downside, it is part time for the first three months as an assistant before they offer me a permanent spot! 

to give everything up for my dream job,
or stay safe and never know if i can get that job ever again :( 

help me by answering this poll kays? thanks peeps! 
YES, NO, MAYBE [click here]