Sunday, May 22, 2011

Oi-! Government! What the hell are u thinking?!

You know what? 
I'm so sick and tired of all the local news
i hear on the radio and watch on TV. 

it is as though our Government think 
we, the citizens, are stupid. 

i've just watched the 8pm local news and saw that our government will be giving RM10,000.00 to the relatives of the deceased orphans of Hidayah Madrasah al-Taqwa orphanage in the district of Hulu Langat.
wait. did u notice what i just wrote?  Read carefully once more, peeps. (Look up!)

if you still don't get why i'm pissed?
then fine, i'll let you know.
The victims are ORPHANS! 
Who can say that the others who came to claim the bodies 
are REALLY their relatives!? 

heck! if i were effing poor, and i heard that 
our generous government is giving out 
to relatives of the victims,

so in many ways, our government wishes to comfort the 'relatives' 
of the victims with money.
But think about it, if you were a relative, 
would you let the kid be brought up in an orphanage?! 

And seriously, i feel that somewhere in the middle of all this, 
there's abit of political gain in it somewhere 
due to the fact it's the government giving out money so freely. 
The money is obviously the PEOPLE'S money
thanks to responsible tax payers like us! 
and the government gives it out so freely and easily?! 

From what i know is the orphanage is financed by the government!
The relatives were all crying their hearts out for the kids that died, but  
are you sure that they loved the kid? 

Honestly, i think its bullshit. 
if you loved or even cared for the orphan, 
you wouldn't have left him in the orphanage! 

i want a shirt like this , u hv a choice of Black or White :)

argh! i cant stand this!
i'm sorry you had to endure my rantings, 
but i truly think this is ridiculous!
Way to go, Government! That is how you hope to get more votes, isn't it?


Daniel Chiam said...

Haha when you put it that way... the government really look like an idiot. Why in the world do you give away money for an orphan's relative when they don't even take care of the orphan from the beginning. Its really is rubbish and for them to represent us the people... shame -_-"

Tal said...

Char. At first i thought the same thing, but then, when you read the reports, not all who died were orphans. Some of them were there to attend a motivational course held at the orphanage.

So um. yeah. They had families too what. :)

Tal said...

Sorry, tried to post another link but didn't come out properly also. HTML skills non-existent!

Here goes.

/startquote "Some of the dead were orphans while others still had parents" /endquote

Not to criticize, but maybe check the facts next time? :)

curious.charlottefong said...

@ Daniel : ya man... i was in quite a shock.

@ Tal : Hey Tal! :D havent heard from u in sucha long time! thanks for the heads up. i wrote this post minutes after the news announced that victims of the landslide shall be given a lump sum to "...relatives of the orphans.." at their subtitle area of the news. so i was shocked and angered. but yeah, the link u gave reli cleared things up. :) it was a rant post. will do! thanks so much!