Friday, May 20, 2011

Movie Review : Pirates Of the Carribean - "On Stranger's Tide"

Even without Orlando Bloom and Keira Knightley, 
this movie still manages to impress and leave movie goers uber happy. 
I love the songs and the effects. 
For a CrackBerry ( BlackBerry addict) like me, i actually was so into the movie, 
i didnt check my phone at all until the end! THAT GOOD!

For me, 
the Pirates of the Carribean : On Stranger Tide 
rates a fantastical
4.5 outta 5 stars
Cuz i assume they killed off my bible-toting hunk Philip, 
so i'm left hanging on that one.

I was abit bummed when i realized Orlando Bloom wasn't in this installment, 
but heck, my heart is still with Johnny Depp. hehe!
lovable pirate as always!
hot, can?

Penelope Cruz as the elusive Angelica
Can u believe she grew up in her mom's hair saloon? :) no wonder she has awesome hair. in this movie she proves herself an extremely skilled swordslady, and shows a tender side as well as mysterious side that wasnt seen as much in previous installments. 

looking hot even as a pirate!

Gemma Ward
An Australian Model and Actress, beautiful baby-doll like features. She pulled off the part of a mermaid fantastically. I squeaked when she first appeared on screen, i always loved her on the runways of Vera Wang and Klein! And goodness, she can sing! -hearts-

Astrid Berges-Frisbey & Sam Claflin 
Philip, the bible toting hunk of a missionary! i swear he's a hottie with sucha heart of gold! You would giggle when he speaks for the first time cuz you don't hear that kinda talk unless you're in an English missionary school. but gawd, sucha hottie! and the French actress, she reli looks the type that guy would fall for or protect wif their lives, no? :3

this movie is at par with Fast and Furious 5, 
some of u might scream : "HELL NO!" 
WAIT! hear me out, Fast 5 and Pirates is of different genres, i know.
but if i had to choose, it'll be really hard. 
both movies were super nice. Thor as well. 
Dayum, good year for movies eh? 
then the movie freak in me will be happy!!! 

i'm trying to be super optimistic that this movie is gonna rawk without Megan Fox. 
but based on the trailers, the new girl Rosie Huntington Whiteley, a Victoria Secret's Angel/Model... well, she isn't a actress so 
let's hope she has more talent than modeling underwear. 
Here's to hoping we all will be happy wif the new addition of the Transformer human cast, and i feel sad that it looks like Optimus Prime wont be around to help when Megatron destroys the world. :(
Rosie Huntington - i like that corset thingy ;p


Daniel Chiam said...

I did a movie review for Pirate of the Caribbean also :D

It was overall fun and enjoyable to watch! Just like you... I cant wait for TRANSFORMER TOO!!!

Sadly no Megan Fox T_T

xiaocass said...

dayum JD is sexayyy..

curious.charlottefong said...

@ xiao cass : JD = sexy =i want = Msia dun hv! lol

@Daniel : hell yeah man! cant wait! i wan transformers!!!

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