Sunday, May 8, 2011

What do i have to lose? - DiGi Online Awards

so i went for my interview just now,
i was so nervous that i did the most typical girlie tantrum ever!

standing in front of my wardrobe and accessories cupboard,
panic mode -ON-
" i've got nothing to wear!" 

honestly, i gave up and i took my artsy shirt with paint splatters over my black jeans.
at least i can say, "owh sorrey. i was painting my latest piece for a Dato' "
 hopefully impress the underwear off the interview guy! lol, kidding!

so while i was driving to meet the boss for my interview,
my fav gurlfren - Cassy called and suggested that 
i join the WWWOW Awards?!
i gave my Blackberry a good look, 
looking at her pretty face in the contact pic,
squeaking : "i know u love me alot, but wow! u think i can make it?!"

but realizing i have nothing to lose and everything to gain, 

so vote for me by clicking this link below to show this gurlie some love!
click the link, and cast your vote on the bottom right of the page!

here's a mini journey-journal of my way up from the bottom of the rat race! :)
help me go all the way up, pretty please! and thanks to those who had voted for me!

So, i started at Rank #300-sumthing....

on the second day - ranked #71

going up to rank #66!

now ranked #60!

OMG :) THANKS GUYS!  u guys rawk!


xiaocass said...

gambateh! :D supporting you all the way!

curious.charlottefong said...

awww thanks pretty baby! :D