eat, eat and EAT somemore! a FOODIE's habit.

I think being Malaysian means you gotta love all types of food. 
Foodie people, stand proud yo! 

Koganei Japanese Restaurant
Ratings : 4/5 stars

 all this for only RM29.90 in the lunch set!
the food was really good, i was enjoying every bite. except, i didnt really enjoy their
burnt rice tea. it was definitely something new for me to try, but i'd prefer
green tea or jasmine tea. it had a burnt bitter taste and slightly dry to the tongue effect.

oh! order these too! just too yummy! *drools*
soft shell crab sushi rolls
grilled salmon dish and mixed sushi ala carte

Little Italy
Ratings : perfect 5/5 stars!
Starters : eggplant brochettes and cream of chicken soup
my favourite - Insalata di Salmone. thick slices of smoked salmon = heaven

 there's something really awesome about Little Italy's that i cant really describe.
Maybe it's the waiters who has worked there for years, the extremely delicious food, the laid back ambiance or the company of a really good friend. :)
i've always enjoyed this wonderful restaurant. with friends and family, never heard a single complaint.
slightly pricey but you would walk out full and very happy.

just FYI, this is NOT a place for people on a diet!
Fettucini Pomodoro with juicy shrimps and the yummiest sauce!

 Secret Recipe
Location : come on! u guys know where it is.
Ratings : 3/5 stars

i'm not really a big fan of Secret Recipe or cakes in general.
but i LOVE the durian cheesecake.
Joyce had the carrot cake which was... interesting. haha!
i had a bite and thats it, she absolutely loved it. Service was bad though :(

Fish & Co
Location : Warisan Square
Ratings : 3/5 stars
 if you have yet to notice, i love salmon. preferably raw...but no matter :D
the service is good but i guess there must be only one cook, the food came painfully slow.
the drinks tastes really weird, mine tasted like antibiotics.

no complains about the salad.
the salad dressing is surprisingly delicious.
the fried calamari rings have been consistently awesome.
the drinks are a big no-no. their side dishes are quite disappointing in value,
but the dip sauces are fab.

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xiaocass said…
i hate this post
bcuz u aren't here to eat ur fav italian restaurant ;p
xiaocass said…
stop eating and posting about my fav italian restaurant unless u import the food here pls. i hate juuuuu!!!!