Friday, March 18, 2011

there's no such thing as an ugly girl!

like the title states, i don't believe there are ugly females.

i'm not someone who will encourage you
to pile on a ton of make up 
but rather, i believe that make-up is suppose to 
just accentuate what you're born with.

this is definitely for those who still have no clue what to do,
or how to apply the basic eyeliner. 
and no! i'm not calling you stupid, hunny!
we were all beginners once, long LOOOONG ago

all right! look here!
i have small and boring looking eyes, but
with just a tiny bit of makeup and 5 minutes to spare, 
i'll look totally different! 

after you see this pic, you might believe the existence of ugly girls. :C

Let's begin! here i am fresh faced and about to go out.
i've already applied sunscreen and concealer before starting.
 bcuz this is a day look, i want my make up simple and quick. 

now, just dusting on some skin-colored eyeshadow as a base
you can use your fingers if you want :)
applying a skin coloured eyeshadow first.


using a small brush or soft applicator, 
line your eyes with black eyeshadow.
i use a hand-help mirror and look 45degrees downward 
for easier application.
using a smaller brush/applicator, look downwards.

so this is what you should have after applying the black eyeshadow. 
it helps you with applying the eyeliner.
after applying black eyeshadow.

Okay, doing the same thing like before, 
look downwards into a mirror and 
line just on top of the roots of your eye lashes! 

i start from the middle going to the outer corner of my eye 
and end by joining the line from the inner to the middle.
repeat a few times to achieve the thickness you prefer 
or to make sure the line on your eyes is smooth.
applying the eyeliner, starting from the middle.

after applying your eyeliner,
you should get something like this! 
looking down into your mirror,
your eyeliner should look like a smooth black line 
resting just at the roots of your lashes.
Just dot your eyeliner pen or felt-tip if you spot a gap.
smooth line :) yay!
thin, smooth flick at the end.

with our Malaysian weather, 
i always try my best to buy waterproof products. 
in my opinion, i think its best to 'coat' the eyeliner 
with eyeshadow one more time to make sure
it's really dried up to avoid smudging.
just apply some eyeshadow on top of the eyeliner

with whatever is left on your brush,
line only the outer corner of your bottom lid.
this time, look upwards or tilt your chin inwards. 
just dot gently, thicker on the outer most corner, 
thinner towards the middle.
don't forget to gently blend it towards the middle.
look upwards and dot gently.

the most simple, easy and quick eyeliner steps :)

here is an optional (extra) step
to bigger and prettier eyes. 
i just applied a single coat of mascara 
and shimmery silver at the inner corners of my eye! 
yea, i hv reli thin short lashes :(

now that i'm done, this is what i look like
after i've applied a lil eyeshadow, eyeliner and mascara!
hope you have fun trying this look out, girls!

love my mommee! got me this box of chocs!

here's to my bestie Cass, 
who said she hates that i always get my eyeliner right. 
FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS and don't be over ambitious!
you can do it, darls. <3