Tuesday, March 1, 2011

5 Types of Guys to only DATE, not MARRY!

I have a very bad habit.
one that i wished i never had.

no, its not farting or cam-whoring la, people.

it's just that
after i dated a string of guy, dumped them, and
...i later start labelling them. 

i remember my first boyfriend and.....
oh wait, doesn't everyone? 

...i'd probably label him -
Mr Sensitive Soul
you know, he's like the family man, the mr.nice guy, 
and loves to say "hunnybunny/snookums".
advantages : he knows how to cook and organize family picnics
disadvantage : your mom loves him (toomuch), dad thinks the guy is far too feminine and I'm wiping his tears after offering him MY shoulder to cry on during a chick flick movie 

then after that was
Mr Grumpy.
the guy that cant stop complaining and starts losing his temper by the minute.
advantages : it's predictable, everyday. No surprises when he explodes.
disadvantages : he ruins your day by being a pain in the royal arse. Embarrasses you in public with his screaming or complaints. 

 i met two (2) Mr I-Swear-I'm-Famous!
these guys are like bags of wind, like a desperate struggling artist, 
he tries convincing everyone he's good at this and that! 
advantages : entertains with good stories
disadvantages : you know its all lies, right? :)
confront him and he'll turn into Mr Grumpy

but luck was never on my side, and after two dates,
i gave up on the Hulk.
i don't need to explain it la right? have you watched the movie? 
no, the guy i went out with isn't green and his underwear is not thaaat stretchable.
advantages : to carry shopping bags, my bodyguard after i've caused trouble
disadvantages : might break me in half, sweats like a pig. 

for now, i've proven to myself that buff/hot guys
aren't as gentleman, charming and funny
like Jared Padalecki and Taylor Lautner .

Go ahead and date a common looking guy and be surprised.
*drum rolls please*
 introducing to you - Mr Love Pirate.
just think of Captain Jack Sparrow.
he might not be sweet or cuddly, but golly,
have you asked him how many girls he has already dated?!
and dont forget to ask : "how many more u dating right now?"
Just go check his phone. PRONTO!
advantages : girls get to exercise their slapping skills
disadvantage : i don't like sharing. so goodbye playboy! 

 so there you go, peeps. the six kinda guys i've dated thus far.

it's not hard to wonder why
i'm bloody happy being single right now, eh?
i'm not sexist btw. no, really. i'm not. 

am pretty damn sure you girls have dated these men too. ;p

and the guys, well... 
you probably know what label u are gonna get!

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