Wednesday, March 16, 2011

if you wanna pray, you PRAY! dont go broadcasting it!

I really don't think by 
flooding Twitter and Facebook 
with your prayers is really gonna help Japan right now. 

Updating your status, or tweeting 
what you prayed for Japan
every few minutes or hours, 
seriously, it's not helping! 

I'm not saying you're not allowed to pray 
or update your social network pages, 
but i think it makes you look really insincere.

You wanna pray for them? 
Good, God bless you hunny. 
But keep it to yourself please!

If you have sooooo much time to keep updating,
why not try to collect donations to aid their relief work? 
or even better, VOLUNTEER!

so if the earthquakes
in Christchurch and Japan did not happen,
you don't publish your prayers? 
how odd. i'm confused.

and then,
there are the insensitive bastards/bitches 
who i believe are the products of insufficient moral guidance 
in their younger years and are incapable of 
sympathy/proper conduct in sensitive situations.

i LOVE jokes. 
but the jokes about Japan and it's current crisis?!

"what's the number one hated game in Japan?"

"my Japanese girlfriend just broke up with me, 
but I'm not worried... there are plenty more in the sea" 

please la, have a heart and help out!
if you cant help, shut up.

watch this video on Racism and a really nasty comment
on the tsunami in Japan by this UCLA girl.

and it gets worse as our local newspaper prints a comic
showing Ultraman running away from a wave. 
watch this video and see how buildings 
and big tankers gets washed away by the powerful waves.

so you wanna do good in your life? 
here's where you can help Japan if you're in Malaysia. 
 at the end of the day,
lets just all pray sincerely 
and genuinely hope 
that the Japanese will get thru this. 
with of course the aid received from every other country. :)

i just really wish we'd
not use Nuclear power plants. 
i trust the Japanese to come up with 
another idea/innovation/invention to 
produce more power. 
they always do :)


大恒 said...

frome tis disaster..i am ashamed to call my self malaysian..see what our 1st lady said, n the ultraman case...

Rungitom said...

That so called "first lady" doesn't know a thing about whats happening at Japan, too much talking. And those jokes are harsh. :(

But fear not, even with this big crisis, the citizens have been prepared for the worse and much more disciplined to handle the tough situation.

curious.charlottefong said...

@ Herng : we're still malaysians. just b careful of what we say that cud potentially hurt others.

@Rungitom : i hope so too! :D wished they didnt hv to go thru this!