i guess i'm somewhat of a pessimist at times. This time was no different when my sister Joyce invites me to the International Understanding Bazaar Day 2011, jointly organized by the Rotary and Interact Clubs of Sabah.i admit, i thought it's be so boring, i could just tell her "omygawd joycie, i'm getting outta here! boredom KILLS! "

oddly, i didnt get to do that. in fact, it didn't even cross my mind until i received a call to catch up with my old friends after spending 4 hours and nearly RM100 there. amazing!

and i mean it, it was a good show, filled with happy happy Interactors, satisfied looking Rotarians, and constantly entertained,well-fed and generous customers! oh! i was a happy foodie. Great job guys!

for those of you that are not familiar with what is International Understanding Day, it's an event held annually by the Rotarians of Sabah and the Interact Clubs to promote ... INTERNATIONAL UNDERSTANDING! :D

okok, it's when a high school Interact Club decides to join this event, they would pick a country to represent. They would need to read up on the culture and history of that country, and promote understanding of that foreign country to the public who comes to the event. From performances, costumes to the food, all of it must represent their chosen country. i think they all did well :)
SM St. Francis Convent
first to perform! they were reli happy to dance. non stop smiling on stage! :D

i like their skirts! i want one!

 Sabah College
gotta admit, super impressive dance moves! FIERCE!

its really cute la! hehehe!

 SM La Salle
Hawaii (wait... is Hawaii a country?!)
i felt so much at peace, look at the girl with the yellow skirt! i love her entire outfit!

the guy on the left was in a major hurry, the one on the right was obviously enjoying himself :D

come on! u gotta love Pocahontas, man!

energetic, pretty, happy burlesque girls 

a good touch of MICHEAL JACKSON! <3

 SM Stella Maris
i'm a sucker for love stories *melt*

they worked really hard on the costumes.

 SM All Saints
South Afrika
i kinda knew the WakaWaka song would be used! haha!
they made the guy shave their armpits ?! ROFLMAO!

kept the crowd pumped up with their crazy dance!
obviously the most anticipated performance of the day! excellent stuff! CONGRATS!

So that was the performances by all the students of the participating Interact Clubs! :D good job guys! i thought your hard work really paid off! i really am impressed and heard nuthin but praises of this event! woooots!

Check out the deco, some really made me go "FUH~ that's awesome la!" and some of the happy students i've met!  

looks at Russia's rooftop! pretty amazing stuff! :D 
to that happy cheerful student selling food, thanks for the amazing cake and potato salad! <3
Hawaii was really pretty and simple, but... 
maybe i've forgotten my geography...
Hawaii is a country?
i'm not sure why... but i find this picture rather cute! :3
Like how Hawaii would look like, they did well.

South Afrika's booth was F-A-B! 
i had my super impressed/curious smile going on,
probably weird-ed out the students that were helping out there. 
i pointed some twisty looking sticks that was for sale, 
and they looked at it and said : "oh... i dunno whats that but it's bread! :D "
oh! took a pic of these two Afrikaans! LOVES!

the Egyptian deco was somewhat disappointing,
but at least it was cute the costumes were well done :)
i quickly lost interest in their stall as the students seemed to be
undergoing some kinda chaotic situation,
all of them were either snappish, or had the could-not-be-bothered attitude. :/

America was... America :) 
proud of their country, the party crowd, hip clothes and lotsa food!
oh! they were selling dreamcatchers on their cactus ! awwww... 

Spain's deco was very detailed but slightly dull, no? no offense pretties :/ 
but the gurlie who entertained me sold me what she thought was the best pasta,
i tried it and was pleased! food monster in meh happy!

yours truly had fun :)
the pictures are really self-explanatory... enjoy peeps! 

sucha happy bunch! u'll be all smiley when u meet them! :D

for videos of the performance, check it out here : 


大恒 said…
i miss my time in interact club...was vice president for la salle b4...i fail my exam cause tis iu day...lmao...i love it..

i was late went there..ntg leave dy...aiks
xiaocass said…
love the Egyptian outfits.