Movie Review : X-Men - First Class

I'm a HUUUUUUGE fan of Superman, 
but i gotta say this prequel makes me wanna be a loyal fan to the X-Men.

I mean, seriously think about it - 
how can it be so unfair that Superman has so many different powers 
and ONLY have one weakness. 

UNFAIR i tell you! So, i'm jumping ship! 
I'm going to hold hands with Professor Charles Xavier (Professor X) 
and join the good side of Mutant Mania!!! 
*Insert middle finger motion towards Magneto*

don't read beyond this if you don't want me to tell u juicy details.

So the story begins in World War II, 
where Erik (young Magneto) was separated from his family by the Nazis.
In his desperate attempt to stay with his mother, 
Erik uses his then-feeble powers unconsciously 
trying to open the gates of the war camp. 
A doctor in the war camp, known as Shaw then forces Erik 
to use his power to move a coin at the count of three, 
or his mother dies. 

Sadly the mother does die at the first gun shot. :'( 

Obviously, if someone had shot your mom 
and you could have done something to prevent it, 
you'd be pretty damn angry. 

Thus, a very devastated/enraged/revenge-hungry Erik was born. 
He was able to completely trash a roomful of torture equipments with his mind,
and maintain a single note of mad screaming at the same time upon seeing his dead mother.

the (obscenely) beautiful Mystique
And Charles Xavier was a handsome 
and extremely smoooooth talker that could chat up any girl. 
Since a child, he had taken Raven (Mystique) as his little sister 
to live in his mansion after catching her stealing food in his kitchen. 

She transformed herself to look like his mother. Bad choice. 
Got caught cuz she said she'd make hot chocolate for Charles, 
when his mother would never had done that. 

Charles Xavier and Erik becoming best buddies
Charles then unites with CIA agent Moira to convince the big bosses of the CIA 
but fails, so in the end teams up with the very angry Erik
to recruit little mutants like Angel, Darwin, Beast, Banshee 
and my favourite - HAVOC!

Havoc played by Lucas Till
 Aww come on, girls! I don't see why not! 
He's an absolute eye candy!  
Check him out as he gets suited up
for his first mission, absolutely gorgeous! 

Guys, don't roll your eyes! You can pick between 
Raunchy Angel or Haughty Frost.
i purposely made it sound hooker-ish..
Angel played by  Zoe Kravitz
Frost played by Emma
I think i got carried away ...again.
Fine, i'm gonna stay on track 
and NOT spoil it anymore for you guys!

Obviously it is a good versus evil movie,
but with not much of an ending because
i sense a sequel to this prequel. 

Say : "Sequel to this prequel" a few times!
you'll end up rapping like Snoop Dogg!

To me it's a 4.5 outta 5 stars.
i just don't like how they didn't explain
how or when the other lil mutants discovered their powers. 
but then again, that might be saved for the next movie, i guess :) 


大恒 said…
char, the first class can b said is the 1st of movie of all the x-men mov...
about the little one finding their power, i think got show in the x-men...but hopefully they another movie on how they find cyclops,jean,storm etc (the 2nd generation)..
is a awesome movie. By the way, i hate superman,superman not so cold as xmen..
Rungitom said…
I found a new pickup line from Xavier, "Mutation is groovy *put scientific explanation here*... *repeat*"

I really like Raven@Mystique :P
reanaclaire said…
Helo Charlotte, can you drop me an email? I would like to make a movie offer to you.. thanks!

Daniel Chiam said…
LoL I skipped when I saw spoiler alert XD Oh man, it made you jump ship so I bet it is super DAMN NICE! I MUST WATCH :D
@ Herng : pls dun insult superman! he's my childhood first superhero tht i secretly loved ok! hahaha!

@ Tom: lets see if you can pull it off, Horatio! ;P

@ Daniel : you can reli skip it? kudos to your discipline man! it's an awesome two thumbs up movie for me!
Anonymous said…
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