Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Support Our Local Music Industry : Mizz Nina & Friends

A lil while back,
i was very fortunate to be given an opportunity
to once again tag along the Breeze team and Beverly
to cover the Mizz Nina & Friends press conference
at the Grand Borneo Hotel. 

at first, everyone was being reli quiet.

There was a slight awkward silence between the media and the artists
just before DJ Cassie came along and fixed it
with her bubbly, almost cartoon personality!

DJ Cassie from Hitz.fm

  After a laugh or two,
everyone was happy introducing themselves,
questions being thrown all around,
the sound of digital handycams & DSLRs going off like crazy.

I know i might be in danger for saying this,
but i joined the first 10 fans ( so i'm the 11th? ) to get their autographs.
I just wanted pictures actually, but you cant go in
unless you're one of those fanaticals that
can answer any weird questions about their idols.

Here's the problem, i'm not a HUGE fan. 
I've heard their music and i'm pretty fine with it.
But i don't even have a poster or a CD.
So, what am i going to ask them to sign on?
My face or arm?
Boobies or butt wud seem too desperate. lol

Thank God for Bev.
She bought a Mizz Nina CD and her own notebook. 
so there you have it!
the ultimate cover-up as a fan!

So, i joined the mad throng of fans to get their idol's autographs.
With the sweetest smile i could muster,
i said : " Hi, could you sign this for me? It's for my friend over there. She's a lil shy. "

Oddly, it was a great ice-breaker.
i got chatty with Joe Flizzow and Sona One.
And when Joe found out i used to live in KL, he asked a minion
to go get one of his CDs and signed it!
so i snapped a pic of both of them.

Joe Flizzow & Sona One
i had like, the. biggest. grin. on. EVER.
when he said : "Join us for a pic, don't just take a pic of us. Come come!"  

thats my super excited but trying to be calm smile.
glad that Bev quickly came into the pic, i might hv kissed the guys!
while taking the last picture with Joe & Sona One,
i was surprised that my name was called out.
I peered into the sea of photographers
and spotted David - my old churchmate from KL!

uber respect for David - Exec of Kartel Records!
Joe Flizzow was surprised as well and David said : "I know her sisters too back from KL!"
And TA-DAH! more free CD and pictures from the others!
i didnt need to buy! YAY!

They argued over which marker to use! Too cute!

Funny guys! Gave me another copy of his album cuz he scratched it.

supakrazee DJ Cassie

Mizz Nina signing Bev's CD

All in all, it was a great day and my perception towards the local music industry
has definitely changed a bit. Just a lil.
Better than not changing or turning for the worst.

[Click Here for the Photo Album]


Beverly ◦● べバリー●◦ said...

LOL!!! Funny post la!! Btw I just realised I didnt follow ur blog yet! *follow* Okie done! xD

Meitzeu said...

:P Me follow already! :D

curious.charlottefong said...

hahaha! i didnt realise either! *following now!*

Daniel Chiam said...

Joe Flizzow is my all time fav la... hahaha actually I would do the same as what you do also... I just want to take pictures with them XD

curious.charlottefong said...

hahahaha! same here Daniel! Joe Flizzow rox! super cool guy man.

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