say "TRANSFORMERS!" in your most robotic voice!

oh yeah~!
that's exactly how excited i am to watch  the premier of
Transformer 3 : Dark of the Moon
tomorrow midnight! 
*screaming in absolute excitement*

what is goin on my crayzee lil mind right now?
gawd. you wouldn't be uber surprised. 
  1. How the hell is Megan Fox gonna be replaced?  I'm thinking the story might go like, Mikaela broke up with SamWitwicky that caused him to end up with Victoria Secret's bikini angel Rosie Huntington Whiteley. I admit, she is super hawt, but the cutesy type. Unlike superfirelaserburninghawt Megan Fox. Definitely something I'm gonna be watching out for.
  2. What information can the humans hide from Optimus Prime and clan? Aren't they like super smart? And they can dig information via satellite or something, like how they did in the first movie? 
  3. There is no way that humans can beat Decepticons all by themselves! WTF! I kinda assume that Optimus Prime and clan might feel sympathetic and come back to save them all. They can't leave us! You guys fought so much for us in the last two movies to give up now! 
  4. Is the movie time abit too long? 2 and a half hours long! O,O oh man... i'm gonna wear pyjama pants and bring extra cushion for my soon-to-be-flat bum!
    here's to hoping that Michael Bay can impress all of us 
    with this latest installment. 

    i'm actually thinking that the hottie
    that replaced Megan Fox might just do that. -,-
    le sigh~

    what do you expect from a blondie who models bikini
    and wears angel wings?
    doubt she can act, unless in lingerie.