Local Sex Club? WHAT?!

so the craze of 
the Obedient Wife Club 
has begun! 

Read these articles first to know what i'll be blabbing later on. :) 

Thumbs Up from these peeps! 

Thumbs Down from these guys! 

to be completely honest,
i think this is just another 'project' that will not survive.
it will not last longer than a year, if lucky. 
and even if it did miraculously survive,
it'll still be a joke. 

I quote my bestie :
"In less than 48hours Malaysia has been in international news
including Forbes, Reuters, n has had 361 press articles worldwide
published regarding this. What a shame."

It's obviously also gone viral online, 
it's on almost everyone's facebook status, comments and twitter. 
You'd expect it to be something to be proud of 
but alas, i wish something from Malaysia is worth such fame. 
maybe, we should nickname it? 
you know, to be optimistic and give this club a chance? 

as i close my eyes to think...
ohgawd i'm so sorry. 

i can only come up with : 
We're approved by the government,
and..... free sex lessons for our members!
Results guaranteed! 
if not, join our first class brothel!

okay, i'll be more serious now.

my opinion : 
i think the club was formed with the right intentions. 
BUT! the way they presented it 
and what the founder Ms Maznah Taufik
and a well experienced doctor, Dr Rohaya Mohamad said 
during the launch and the press conference wasn't right or,
agreeable to the mass majority.

It is only logical
that it would not be welcomed with open arms if 
you blame women for social ills! 

Do you blame your mother after you were caught cheating in an exam?
Or do you blame your sister that you got yelling from daddy?
Or blame your wife that you lost your job?

I believe both sides are to blame. 
Sex is effing important in the marriage,
but it's not used to solve unfaithful men.

saying that men tend to visit prostitutes 
due to the wives not being able to satisfy them, 
i think that's bullshyt.

i think in a few more weeks, 
we'll be seeing politicians or high profile men 
that are caught with prostitutes screaming on TV or radio
"My wife cant satisfy me enough!" 
and the women suddenly gets into deep shyt, 
rather than the men. 

what i'm trying to say is, 
Don't let women take the blame for something YOU started. 
start learning what is restraint, discipline and loyalty. 

If you're not married, 
it's never too late to start now.

If you're married, 
you have no choice but to zip up NAO!

another thing is,
why not a Loyal Husband Club too?
then it might be fair. Or join these two clubs and become
Satisfied Couples Club?
i'm just saying, but doesn't it make more sense?

why not just go with the conventional Marriage/Couples counseling?
Too much time and money la the President and Vice President.
Obviously took advantage of their connections to the high and mighty,
but couldn't produce something that was of worth.
Deemed classless and narrow-minded by many.
Worst i've seen so far was sexist and degrading. 

Can't wait to see what they'll say next. 
There was an Anti-OWC facebook page that disappeared. 
hmmm... makes u wonder, no? 

See what these female bloggers 
have to say about the Obedient Wives Club of Malaysia! 


Daniel Chiam said…
OHC - Obedient Husband Club eihh... Haha I wonder what the club's president have to say.

"Remember to pay your wife afterwards" Haha.

This issue is really getting nonsense by day. I do agree a bit that they have the right intention but the wrong presentation.
nc said…
I LIKE that Loyal Husband club..hehe..would be more worth it and logical rather than ..(yucks.i could not even say it)

Mau bayar ka tu jadi member a..? hahahaha