KK Jazz Festival 2011 : My First, Definitely Not The Last

Call me a skeptic,
because that is a part of me. 
I was definitely expecting boredom
when i'm at the KK Jazz Festival.

But of course,
the Rotary Club of Kota Kinabalu wouldn't let that happen.
How silly of me to even think of that! 
(I'm trying to save my own arse, cuz i met old family friends there!)
Tee hee!

 the heartiest thank u!
to Daniel & the RungiTom
for giving me the opportunity to be able to
cover this event for two whole days!

try out Origin's beef balls! *drool-worthy*

popiah fried to per-fec-tion!
had a light lunch with the sweet n uber-friendly Tom, a fellow blogger (check out his blog!) before heading to Sutera Harbour for the KK Jazz Festival's Press Conference. Not only do i love their cocoa-mint drink, their beefballs are so good! shyt, i'm imagining myself eating it already. 

eh! back to the story! 

the entire fleet of performers prepping.

Indonesian singer - Lucky (pronounced Loi-Ke) answering questions.

abit of name calling from the front lady of the band Elixir.


Serena C - the local DJ cum Event Host!

JUZZIE SMITH! sucha talented hottie from Australia!

a very Neyo- feel to their music~! <3

Lucky Octavian after their performance!

Lucky and i before his TV interview

the very well-decorated venue - Sutera Harbour!

S.I.A's very own Little Jazz Band rocking it out!

Momain Blues from KK! 

Hata Mariko from Japan performing!

Zyan - Bossa Princess in action

the crowd fav - Juzzie Smith (One Man Band)

something for the REAL jazz enthusiasts - Benny Lackner Trio

Aseana Percussion Unit was the best closing ever! PAAAARTY!
thanks to Tom, i had a great time partying
to Asean Percussion Unit from 10.45pm till close to midnight! 
Met so many friendly fellow Sabahans
that danced together! (hope to see u guys again)
 and got invited to Australia 
by two super friendly Australians, Liz & Tom 
who has been travelling in Borneo for 2 weeks!

Tom & Liz with the supertalented Juzzie Smith!
I gotta say the various performers there that two nights
really gave me a chance to change my perception towards jazz a lot.
i used to think Jazz was boring and slow, only appealing to the older generation. 

But surprise surprise! 
I'm hooked to Jazz as well,
i've been listening to all their songs on youtube, 
and yet again, Juzzie Smith has the most videos on youtube 
compared with the rest of the performers that were at KK Jazz Fest. 

Congrats to the Rotary Club of Kota Kinabalu,
this festival has been a real success, true and through. 
And for the first time, i noticed the sound system was perfect. 
i'm not exaggerating. 
Not a single glitch throughout the whole 2 nights! O,O

So yeah, now i truly understand 
why everyone was so excited to go for this annual Jazz Fest. 
If this is going to be held again next year,
and promises me the same amount or even more fun,
cuz like what the title of this post states,
"my first, but definitely not my last Jazz Fest!"


大恒 said…
i miss it..cross my finger..hope next year i ll b there!
im hoping it'll be bigger and better! hope we'll see each other then!
Sasa Tien said…
hope i could join next time !!!
actually im ur new 48th follower!my name is sasa tien , im a 22 y.o. chinese girl from sabah ! nice to meet u~

awwww thanks Sasa! :D so sweet of u! u should join next year! will definitely be there!